Insta Digital Volume III Now Available on Vimeo

Cynthia Halatyn

The third installment of our popular Insta Digital series featured a discussion on futureproofing blended learning. 

One of the things that came out of the discussion was the observation that now is an ideal time for learning and development departments to be making big changes. Everyone is relatively flexible in the face of COVID-19 because they've had to be. So perhaps that appetite for change can be advantageous to learning designers who've been eager to implement blended learning into their offering. 

Another gift that comes with blended learning and the shift from face-to-face to virtual instructor-led training is the accessibility for those who are unable to travel for trainings due to family commitments or disabilities, as well as the elimination of costs associated with travel to classroom training.

One of the discussion topics also touched on the importance of considering the role of regional culture in influencing the preferred blend. Our experts recommend considering the preferred learning method and ensuring there is local control over delivery in global learning programmes.

For learning and development professionals who've never developed a blend, our panelists also discussed the practical aspects of managing multiple learning suppliers or vendors and balancing their competing objectives.

We had some fantastic comments and questions from participants. If you missed it, please feel free to watch the video below. 

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