Introducing Core LRS from Junction-18

A user-friendly, learning record store supporting SCORM and xAPI

Cynthia Halatyn

Junction-18 is proud to announce the launch of Core LRS

Core is a powerful and user-friendly learning record store, allowing learning and development teams to turn data into decisions. 

Organisations can use Core as a standalone tool, meaning they don't need an LMS and can host courses on their company intranet or bot framework. Core will also work alongside learning management systems offered from third-party providers. 

Core offers users customizable dashboards allowing L&D decisionmakers of all levels to visualize only the data they need, depending on their role within the business. 

Global organisations can choose the data centre that works best for them or adopt custom servers to suit their infrastructure. Core is already available to customers in the Europe, North America, and Asia, with plans to launch in other regions in 2021. 

Junction-18 Chief Technical Officer Thomas Kelly said that he “wants L&D decision makers to feel comfortable that this is a product they can try and walk away from easily should something change in their budgets or priorities.” 

Core is priced competitively and users will not be locked into long-term contracts. Monthly pricing begins at £300 for 100,000 statements per day, with larger packages available to suit organisational needs. Users can cancel at any time and download their learning data to save or for use with another solution. 

Core can be implemented with just 3 lines of code, but also offers advanced features such as SDKs and a Kusto based query language. 

Core LRS has been certified as xAPI compliant by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL). Core also includes support for organisations with SCORM learning content who want access to learning analytics. 

Junction-18 is ertified as a Microsoft One Commercial Partner. 

For more information, or to schedule a demo, contact the Core LRS Team today.