There are currently 1.08 billion smartphones in the world with the majority of the market share being owned by Android or iPhone. In 2011 84% of smartphone users around the world used their mobile phone to browse the internet on a daily basis and this percentage has since increased. More and more businesses are now trying to ensure that they are engaging with their target market via their mobile phones. One way to do this is to ensure your business’ website is mobile enabled, meaning it is optimized for smartphones and tablets to display. It is important that businesses embrace this new technology otherwise you could lose out on potential customers, if this isn’t enough to convince you there are many advantages to making your website mobile enabled:

Engage with more potential customers

Mobile enabled sites allow you to reach potential customers in a way that is best suited to them. It also means that your site can be accessed anywhere, anytime buy anyone instead of being constricted to viewing it only on computers and laptops. It allows visitors to use features that are only available on mobile enabled sites such as click-to-call and mapping functions. If you are a local business then having a mobile enabled website is even more beneficial as visitors can find your site via location-aware technology that connects users to your website when they are in immediate geographic proximity.

Improve user experience

A mobile enabled website has been designed to fit to the screen of smartphones and tablets meaning the user doesn’t need to trawl through a desktop website on their hand held devices. Research results have shown that mobile enabled sites improve users’ levels of satisfaction in their experience with the company and creates a positive, lasting first impression. 

Better SEO

On mobile friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo a mobile website will have higher search engine rankings than those with a mobile enabled site, it also permits your site to be placed in more mobile and local directories.

Improve your brand's image

By having a mobile website this enhances your company’s image as being a web savvy and on trend brand. Consumers are making judgments on brands every day and having a positive experience will resonate with them when making future choices between different brands. A mobile enabled website may be what differentiates you from your competitors in providing your potential customers with a positive brand experience and giving you a competitive advantage. It is inevitable that all websites will eventually become mobile enabled, therefore your business should beat your competitors to it! 

Incorporate with your offline media

QR codes give mobile devices the ability to connect digital and traditional forms of media. QR codes are displayed in print ads then when they are scanned using a smartphone this takes users to that advertised brand’s website, email address or SMS message. Any form of print advertising can incorporate a QR code that will then lead users to mobile pages offering more information and interactivity than afforded on the printed page. 

Thinking of developing a mobile website for your business? If you would like more information regarding making your website mobile enabled please do not hesitate to give Junction-18 a call or email and we can give you recommendations to meet your requirements. 

Posted by: Anna McConachie

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