I’m ashamed to confess it but I saw 50 Shades of Grey at the weekend. Needless to say, it wasn’t really my cup of tea. However during the long periods of boredom, it did give me time to reflect on submissive eLearning.

What do I mean by this?

I often hear sordid tales of clients being forced into eLearning solutions, which try to their force delicate content, into rigid technological delivery formats. Even if you are new to the scene, it doesn’t take long to come across ‘authoring solutions’ such as: Captivate 8, Storyline and Litmos that come with great promise but when it comes around to your specific needs they deliver less than pleasant results.

Whenever I approach a piece of eLearning, I do not come equipped with a bag of tools even before you know what you want. I ask what clients want, what ideas they may have then I asses the areas where we can have some real fun. Only then do I start looking to assign tools to the job.

All I’m trying to say is don’t let eLearning providers force you down a route that’s not for you. Let your own imagination breathe, a good provider will find the best eLearning solution for you. It might not fit neatly into one technological delivery method, it might need a little extra oomph but who knows, you might just like it better.

Posted by: Chris Sanderson