• J18 Learn Cover
    J18 Learn is a process; not a product.
    J18 Learn
    Its sole purpose: to develop awe-inspiring eLearning
    that combines state-of-the-art technology
    with uncompromising design, captivating learning,
    and is completely immersive.
  • OnBaord Cover
    ‘Onboard’ is the premier platform for learning and learning administration.
    Less rigid and more inclusive than an LMS, ‘Onboard’ is a fully scalable
    and fully customisable cloud-based platform.
    ‘Onboard’ provides learners and learning administrators, with the most
    natural way to share content and experiences.

The Company

We are a company with two defined subdivisions: J18 Learn and Onboard. J18 Learn is a process led service, supplying bespoke eLearning. Onboard is the premier platform for learning and learning administration. J18 provide the research, development and technical production for digital, cloud-based learning.

We strive to be the leader and preferred partner in providing digital, cloud-based learning. We don’t simply give our clients what they need to succeed in eLearning, we remind our clients what it is to ‘Love Learning’.

The Team

How we work

We are based in the heart of Glasgow and since 2002, we have been making the digital products that make our client’s lives simpler, faster, cheaper and easier.

It’s not a big secret as to why we have been successful; we use the age-old process of talking to our clients. We bounce ideas, concepts and technologies back and forth until we find the mix that fits the problem with the desired outcome. Only then do we roll up our sleeves and put in the hard graft needed to lead the field – all within a set time and to cost.

Nowadays there are a lot more tools at a client’s disposal. Technologies are a lot broader with greater mobility and accessibility. We still produce great eLearning and by embracing the latest and best technology has it has allowed us to work with our clients to meet their long-term business needs, in addition to delivering on the project specific necessities. But above all, it allows Junction-18 to engage with clients and users on every level.

Ultimately, whether the goal is to reduce cost, improve efficiency & productivity or simply to enhance employee satisfaction, we find it’s all a lot easier to do right, when you care about what you do.

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What Our Clients Say?

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with J18. On our website project, the final website came back… well perfect. Not only are they willing to help, they've gone above and beyond to make sure we're happy. They're brilliant!

Darren Bunker, Operations Director Qube GB

As CEO of Scotland's first business accelerator programme, I am discerning on specific aspects of my digital touch-points. One of the best things that have come our way by a country mile is Gerry and his company - J18. They are easy-going, have tremendous experience, show real creativity and deliver clever stuff.

Jim Duffy Entrepreneurial Spark

J18 consistently hit the mark, both with their ideas and with the finished product, but the major bonus has been the helpfulness of the team in assisting in its ongoing management, with neither fuss nor complication.

Ken Dagger GHI Contracts

J18 has been a strategic partner of Validium since 2004. During the time we have worked together, the J18 team has developed a deep understanding of our business and its needs and this has resulted in a strong partnership

Mike Shaw, CEO Validium